logo brand econoLutex Design Inc is an approved vendor for Choice Hotels. This partnership allowed us to design a drapery program for Econolodge Hotels that complies with the fire-retardant codes. The chosen drapery options were put together to match the existing bedding options. Together both programs will create rooms that flow nicely and cohesively.

The program is comprised of fabric options for a valance, a pair of side panels, sheers, and drapes. We have created five sets of window treatments that go with different bed toppers available. Though that doesn't stop you from letting your imagination flow and creating your own design!

Drapery (PDF)Bedding (PDF)

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Quality Inn

logo brand qualityA Choice Hotel approved vendor, Lutex Design Inc, has been able to create a bedding and drapery program available to all Quality Inn hotels.

There is a bedding program available, which consists of the three Quality Inn colors; wildgrass, honey, and wheat. A Wave Top Sheet, Flow Coverlet, and Ripple Coverlet are presented. At Lutex Design Inc there is another  Bedding Program, which includes a crisp white top sheet paired with beautifully patterned bed scarves in a neutral tone.

Both bedding programs match Lutex Design's selection of drapery fabric. The selection can be used for an optional valance, side panels, blackout drapes, and sheer drapes.

Take a look at the programs, request samples, and mix and match the selection to create a unique Quality Inn!


Comfort Inn

logo brand comfortLutex Design Inc has been an approved vendor for over 4 years.

The Bedding Program is a classic, simple look with a punch of color. Mix and match our selection of neutral coverlets with a colorful bedscarf with a flowing pattern.

The Drapery Program unifies the space by replaying on the neutral options. The textured fabric gives a lustrous effect and livens up the space. The program is composed of stationary side panels, sheers, and blackouts.

Check out the elegance and simplicity of our official Comfort Inn Drapery and Bedding Programs!

DRAPERY (PDF)      Bedding (PDF)

Comfort Suites

logo brand csLutex Design Inc has been an approved vendor for over 4 years.

The Bedding Program features a classic, white top sheet, colorful bedscarves and neutral bed wraps. The crisp, white top sheet emphasized with a velour-like pop of color make the room feel luxurious and relaxing.

Stationary side panels, sheer drapes, and balckout drapes are the main elements of the Drapery Program. Neutral colors help unify and set the room as one unit.

Take a look at the drapery and bedding options that have been selected for you. Feel free to mix and match!

Drapery (PDF) Bedding (PDF)

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